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Lucinda Milne, May 2021

My Sisters funeral

Lucinda Milne, May 2021

Coffin from:

Sian conducted the funeral for my sister in May 21. I found Sian very approachable and easy to speak to. It very quickly became apparent that Sian has a passion for her work. She shares her belief that everyone deserves a funeral/celebration of life that is deeply meaningful for them and truly reflects the individual who has died which is so important but can be difficult without gentle guidance to achieve. This is a deeply distressing time and I have to say that Sian made it as easy as possible. She had thoughts and suggestions and many words of encouragement. Despite the distance these arrangements were being made from Sian ensured that the communication was excellent throughout. She not only Liaised with myself, but also funeral directors, crematorium and musician to ensure a smooth process. I was delighted with her thoughtfulness and genuine care throughout this difficult period and process. Sian took interest in all aspects of the Celebration of Life we had and delivered it with enthusiasm and passion which was complimented by all who attended. I can’t thank Sian enough for helping give my sister the send-off she deserved.

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