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Fiona, January 2020

Celebration of Dad's life

Fiona, January 2020

Soheb Zaidi on Unsplash

Hi Siân, I have had so many lovely comments and messages to say how everyone thought you conducted everything so well today. The day turned out so well and it was everything we hoped for. You helped to set the tone for us and made it a memorable day to celebrate Dads life. At a couple of stages this afternoon there was a lot of chatter going on and I think people were enjoying themselves even though it was a funeral so I was pleased about that.I have nothing but praise for yourself, Dunfermline Crematorium and Crosbie Matthew. We feel so fortunate that things went so well on the day but after we got the speeches written we did feel a sense of calmness because we knew everyone else was so efficient and were looking after us.

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